Foam Block Prints


Foam block prints, supplied with 10mm thick sticky blocks for wall mounting.

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More affordable, yet just as impressive as stretched canvas prints. Light fast UV inks laminated with either matt or high gloss PVC to further enhance the quality and durability of the printed image.

Each print is individually wrap-mounted onto 10mm thick foam blocks, and supplied with additional blocks and strong adhesive pads which can be used to attach to a wall to give the illusion that the board is floating.

Don’t just have a single picture – split your image up into multiple tiled pictures!

This can look just as effective on our wrapped foam blocks as it does on our stretched canvases, with the advantage of being a fraction of the price.

Almost any image can be successfully transformed into any size to create a really dramatic effect!

The whole picture is precisely split up into separate tiles with the image continuing around the sides of the frame, so that when all the tiles are hung together the edges match up perfectly.

Detailed specifications


Single 12×12 (30x30cm), Single 16×12 (40x30cm), Single 10×20 (25x50cm), Single 20×16 (50x40cm), Single 20×20 (50x50cm), Single 30×20 (75x50cm), Single 30×30 (75x75cm), Single 36×24 (90×60), Single 36×36 (90x90cm), Single 12×36 (30x90cm), 3×1 Multi 3@18×18 (3@45x45cm), 3×1 Multi 3@12×12 (3@30x30cm), 2×2 Multi 4@12×12 (4@30x30cm), 2×2 Multi 4@18×18 (4@45x45cm), 3×2 Multi 6@12×12 (6@30x30cm), 3×2 Multi 6@18×18 (6@45x45cm), 3×3 Multi 9@12×12 (9@30x30cm), 3×3 Multi 9@18×18 (9@45x45cm), 3 Vert 3@10×40 (3@25x100cm), 5 Vert 5@10×40 (5@25x100cm)


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