Stretched Canvas


Stretched Canvas

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We only use high quality artist’s canvas and light fast UV inks which have been stabilised to further enhance the quality and durability of the printed image. Each canvas is individually stretched by hand onto 2” solid wooden stretchers and tensioned with adjustable pegs.

The wrapped edges can either be a continuation of the image or finished with our unique artistic “Dry Brush” effect.

Detailed specifications

Edge Style

Dry brush effect, Wrapped edge


Single 12×12 (30x30cm), Single 16×12 (40x30cm), Single 10×20 (25x50cm), Single 20×16 (50x40cm), Single 20×20 (50x50cm), Single 30×20 (75x50cm), Single 30×30 (75x75cm), Single 36×24 (90×60), Single 36×36 (90x90cm), Single 12×36 (30x90cm), 3×1 Multi 3@18×18 (3@45x45cm), 3×1 Multi 3@12×12 (3@30x30cm), 2×2 Multi 4@12×12 (4@30x30cm), 2×2 Multi 4@18×18 (4@45x45cm), 3×2 Multi 6@12×12 (6@30x30cm), 3×2 Multi 6@18×18 (6@45x45cm), 3×3 Multi 9@12×12 (9@30x30cm), 3×3 Multi 9@18×18 (9@45x45cm), 3 Vert 3@10×40 (3@25x100cm), 5 Vert 5@10×40 (5@25x100cm)


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